Acme Studios Taeguk Ii Business Card Case By Young Se Kim (Cysk02Bc)

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  • Mirror chrome metal finish inside and out

  • Unique image acid etched into the lid and filled with lacquer

  • Card cases hold 12-14 business cards, or 2-3 credit cards

  • Designed by Young Se Kim

  • Color : Black/White

Acme Pens Studio Taeguk Ii Business Card Case Holder #CYSK02BC Acme writing Tools equipped with rollerball pen components use German manufactured Schmidt ink refills. (Fine point, non-drying). The Acme fountain pen nibs use German manufactured reservoirs and components, with medium nibs made of gilt steel with an iridium writing point. All Acme writing Tools come with a small bio card attached to the pen, providing biographical information about each pen's designer. Acme rollerball pens come with standard rollerball refills. Standard color is black and additional refills also available in blue. Refills come packaged in box of 5. - Pens and Desk Decor