Silver Paw Potty Patch Dog Potty Replaces Wee Wee Pads The Best Pet Turf Potty Training Tool Works For Puppies &Amp; Adult Dogs For Big Dogs

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  • Simple cleanup: potty patch cleanup is easy! Just empty the liquid and wash with regular dish soap.

  • Save time and money: throw away all your wee pads! With this dog litter box you never need to replace the grass turf!

  • Dogs love it: dogs like to relieve themselves on a grassy surface. The potty patch's turf grass attracts them just like they are outside

  • Smells fresh: your home will always smell fresh with potty patch! No more stained carpets and urine odors!

  • Perfect for apartments: sometimes taking your dog out 3-4x a day just is not an option! Potty patch is the perfect solution to living with a dog in an apartment!

  • Size : Large: 34 x 27

House training your pet has never been this easy!
with potty patch, potty training your dog is simple. This artificial pet turf mat and tray will fit the needs of dogs up to 15 pounds. The use of potty patch will ensure a cleaner and happier home for your pet.Attention: avoid buying look-alike products!
potty patch is the original dog litter box. Other products may be Similar, but not the same quality as potty patch. Look for the American Kennel Club logo on the packaging. Click add to cart above and never buy another Wee pad again!