Goldistock 3/4 Tyvek Wristbands Saturday 500 Count (Neon Blue)

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  • GOLDISTOCK SATURDAY WRISTBANDS = BETTER RELIABILITY & SECURITY - Goldistock wristbands are reliable and consistent. Pre-printed wristbands ( example- SATURDAY printed on the band) offer better security than plain wristbands. Why risk the security and success of your event with generic/no-name wristbands that have inconsistent quality?

  • TRUSTED SUPPLIER - Event organizers trust the Goldistock brand. Our wristbands have been used in hundreds of thousands of events all across the USA and the world.

  • THE BETTER SECURITY WRISTBAND - (SEE IMAGE #2) The Goldistock name printed on the wristband helps protect you from gatecrashers.

  • 100% MANUFACTURED IN USA - All material for our wristbands are made in the USA. All manufacturing is in the USA. There are 10 wristbands per sheet. You will receive 50 sheets for a total of 500 wristbands.

  • IDEAL FOR ANY EVENT - Concerts, sporting events, parties, fairs, water & amusement parks, trade shows, conferences, school functions, seminars, nightclubs, or any kind of event. For more detailed information .

  • Color : #45-saturday

PREMIUM GRADE TYVEK MATERIAL -100% Waterproof and durable. Stays on even if it gets wet. Does not stretch or tear. One Size Fits All - 3/4 Wide x 10 Long.

JUST SAY NO TO GENERIC/NO-NAME WRISTBANDS -Generic/No-name wristbands often do not match the images or description. Generic/No-name wristbands are a security risk since they are readily available to any gatecrasher in most retail stores. See image #2. Generic wristbands also have inconsistent Tyvek quality, printing quality, and adhesive quality.

EVENT-GRADE ADHESIVE - Goldistock wristbands use event-grade adhesive. Event-Grade Adhesive allows for easy application to the guest, BUT the security strip will tear when someone attempts to transfer the wristband to a gatecrasher.

SECURITY TIP #1 - Constantly rotate the color of wristbands you use. Goldistock offers a huge selection of colors to rotate- 22 Select Series colors and 16 Original Series colors.

SECURITY TIP #2- Specialty wristbands like VIP , General Admission , and Happy Face offer even better security than plain color wristbands, and are easily visible even from a distance.

TYVEK-Tyvek is composed of high-density polyethylene fibers that are woven together. Tyvek is made exclusively by Dupont, and is a DuPont registered trademark.