Senseaid Weighted Pens For Tremors | Parkinsons Pens For Arthritic Hands. Heavy Weighted Rollerball Pens To Aid Writing For Elderly, Carpal Tunnel, Parkinsons, Or For Children

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  • HEAVY, STURDY, SOLID: These 70 gram pens will last. The extra weight comes from using quality, heavy metals rather than simply adding hex nuts to a plastic fat pen like others do.

  • CLASSIC EXECUTIVE DESIGN: A timeless midnight black & silver design that will never go out of style. Why use a goofy plastic fat pen when you can use beautiful pens like these by SenseAid?

  • SMOOTH BLACK INK: The water based black ink will provide a darker, more saturated look than its oil counterpart. Because of the 1mm tip, it will be a very smooth writing experience as well.

  • LONG LASTING, REFILLABLE: Rollerball pens utilize less ink than a ballpoint, so you can expect a longer lasting ink cartridge. When you do run out, easily replace it with any international standard 110mm rollerball pen refill.

  • LESS PRESSURE NEEDED: These rollerball pens require LESS PRESSURE than typical ballpoint pens. This means that it will be easier to write for those with parkinsons, tremors, autism, carpal tunnel, arthritis or any other fine motor skill issue.

2 Pack

These SenseAid Weighted Pens are both functional and fashionable. There isn't any reason to compromise style or usefulness when we can provide you both. These pens will be your GO TO writing instruments

The Facts:

Type of Pen : Rollerball - A roller ball pen requires less pressure to be applied when writing, allows smoother writing, and writes finer lines than a ballpoint or other types of pens.

Weight: 70 grams (2.5oz) - A typical pen from the most popular pen company weighs around 5.8 grams (0.2oz). That means that these SenseAid Weighted Pens are over 11X heavier!

Tip: 1.0mm - Because rollerball pens write finer lines than ballpoints, we opted for a wider tip to allow the best of both worlds. Your lines will be as wide as what you are used to, and the ink will flow more smoothly due to the wider tip.

Ink: Black - Our water based rollerball pen ink results in a darker, more saturated color than oil based inks. The ink can be replaced by using a standard 110mm refill cartridge.

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