Lifegard Aquatics Ultra-Slim Plant Led Light, 36

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  • Includes Adjustable Metal Brackets, Plastic Stand And Hanging Clips (For Desired Installation), Waterproof Touch Control Light Switch And Power Cord

  • Ideal For Tanks From 36 To 42 Long

  • Includes 108 White LEDs and 54 Red LEDs of .05 watt each

  • The Entire Led Board Is Covered With Crystal Clear Soft Resin That Protects From Moisture Damage Making The Leds Water Resistant And Easy To Maintain

  • Total 756 Lumens

  • Color : Multi

  • Size : 36

Planted LED Light Ultra-Slim Plant LED Light is a cool running Energy- efficient LED aquarium light fixture. It provides excellent general-purpose lighting for freshwater and planted aquariums. 6500K LED's deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of underwater plant growth. This lighting features three-mode ON/OFF switch: Daytime, Red Spectrum and OFF positions so you can manually transition from daylight to red spectrum light conditions with ease.