200 Crystal Clear Plastic Cello Bags (5.43 X 7.25 Inch) - Resealable Cellophane Sleeve W/Self Adhesive Flap Protects Greeting Cards, Photos, Candy, Usps Mailer (1.6 Mil Thick) Cello5-7/16X7-1/4Cl200

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  • 200 CLEAR CELLO SLEEVES - To ensure the bag is large enough, allow for 1/4 OF SPACE AROUND YOUR ITEM so the bag will seal. If in doubt, buy the next largest size. Thin & durable resealable sleeves to wrap & protect a multitude of items. This 1.6 Mil protector lies flat and takes up minimal storage space.

  • MULTI USE PLASTIC BAGS - Measuring 5-7/16 x 7-1/4 inches, these hefty & thick (1.6 Mil) cellophane packages have multiple uses you'll enjoy. Whether it's storing family photos, protecting Christmas & holiday note cards, or sealing a snack food, these multi-use package protectors are easy to seal mailers for the home,kitchen, business office, or retail shops. Consider your party favors, halloween candy, and wedding photos safe, secure, and protected.

  • APPROVED USPS MAILER - Instantly ship a greeting card, note card, or gift via USPS mail! Each packaging bag forms to the size & shape of your notecards, gifts, treats, or supplies. They're extra durable & thick for premium protection.

  • RESEALABLE FLAP - If looking for a sleeve that quickly seals shut & opens with ease, these cello envelopes have a self adhesive flap. This allows you to adjust the length around your item to create the perfect, snug fit. We also offer larger protective, gusset style cello sleeves to store goodies & treats like: gourmet chocolates, nuts, popcorn, cookies, or pretzels!

  • ABOUT US - Founded in 1980, NobleWorks - and The Best Card Company, its non humor division - is an award winning brand and an American based, family owned office supply company & stationery publisher. We have cause for celebration as a proud board member of the Greeting Card Association. Our team strives for 100% perfection and customer satisfaction for every sealable cello & poly bag, greeting card, appreciation gift card, or humorous note cards with envelope.

  • Color : 5 7/16 x 7 1/4 Cello (200 Pack)

  • Size : 5 7/16 x 7 1/4 Cello (200 Pack)


Whether wrapping, shipping, or storing professional photos, a small present, holiday or birthday sentiment, or keeping snack food & goodies fresh, our bulk pack of 200 cello bags are the answer! Just one, resealable bag completely covers items from dust, scratches, sticky finger prints, and more. Our product takes up minimal storage space, so you'll always have a bag handy when life comes calling.

We offer a large selection of industrial strength, transparent crystal clear sleeves and envelopes at an affordable price! Our heavy duty display, storage & mailing bags are made using professional grade clear cellophane - similar to polypropylene (poly bags) - with a pre-gummed adhesive, fold over flap seal that allows the length to be adjusted to create the perfect fit. See through plastic bags are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your gifting, bagging, and mailing needs. This packaging is resealable and is approved for mailing by the US Post office.

...If you're ready to cover, protect, and store small, medium, and large photos, gifts, paper, and more... then ORDER NOW!