Activphy 75 Count Patented Joint Support Regular Soft Chews, 30 Lbs. And Above

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  • Helps Support Mobility For Dogs Of All Sizes And Ages

  • Advanced Formula: Give Your Dog Access To Powerful Ingredients That Will Greatly Improve Their Way Of Life. Activphy Has A Unique Combination Of Glucosamine, Msm, Creative, Turmeric, And Omega 3'S. Activphy Is The Same Vet-Recommended Formula As Phycox

  • Patented Blue-Green Algae Extract Provides Antioxidants And Helps Alleviate Discomfort Due To Normal Activity

  • Provides Muscle, Bone And Cartilage Support

  • Offers A Tasty Soft Chew Your Dog Will Love

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  • Size : 75 count for large dogs

ActivPhy is Patented Joint Support in soft chew your dog will love. ActivPhys formulation was previously only available through veterinarians. ActivPhy has a unique combination of Glucosamine, MSM, Creatine, Turmeric, Omega 3s and our secret sauce, our Blue-Green Algae extract. This Blue-Green Algae extract has been clinically proven to help reduce discomfort from normal daily activities and provide antioxidants. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the Blue-Green Algae extract. 80% of the dogs studied saw owner perceived improvements in mobility, playfulness, ability to rise or enthusiasm to go outside in 30 days. ActivPhy provides a 100% guarantee. For the first 4-6 weeks, your dog will be taking a loading dose which is double the maintenance dose. After the loading dose, most dogs will take one soft chew per day. The 75 count tub is, on an average, a 2 month supply.