Blue Double Raffle Ticket Roll 2000

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  • 2,000 tickets per roll, consecutively numbered Each ticket is 2 long and 1 wide

  • Made in the USA--The way it should be by Indiana Ticket--If it doesnt say INDIANA TICKET, its a fake, please report it to Amazon immediately!

  • The back of the ticket part has a place for Name/Address/City/Phone

  • All rolls are perforated for easy tearing.

  • Great for fundraisers. 50/50 drawing--player keeps Keep this coupon whereas the coupon is placed in the drawing

  • Color : Blue

  • Size : Blue

This 2,000 count ticket roll is consecutively numbered twice on each ticket. The back of the stub that says TICKET has a printed area for name , address and phone number . Each double ticket measures 2 inches long and 2 inch wide. Double stub tickets are typically used when the customer will keep one half of the ticket and drop the other ticket for collection. The tickets are printed on thick card stock to ensure a clean tear along the perforation. These tickets are great for carnivals, bingo, little leagues, softball games, conventions, shows, banquets, class reunions, golf outings or anywhere else your organization might need to use. Each single ticket measures 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.