Ceva Feliway Pheromone Travel Spray, 20Ml

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  • Convenient Spray Bottle Ideal to help ease the anxiety of travel for your pet

  • Helps to comfort both kittens and adult cats in stressful situations

  • Reduces the stress of a new environment, loud noises such as thunder, sirens and fireworks and family or animal additions

  • Calms your pet to stop scratching, biting and urine marking

  • Reduces the anxiety for nervous travelers

  • Size : 20 mL

Feliway Spray controls urine marking and scratching, calms cats in transport and comforts cats in stressed environments. After cleaning urine-affected areas, spray directly onto the urine marks, as well as onto prominent objects including furniture, drapes, window frames and doorways. Feliway stops destructive behavior that can ruin your relationship with your cat. If something disturbs your cat's environment, such as a new pet, visitors, moving to a new home or even rearranging the furniture, he may start urine marking, scratching or even stop eating. Feliway products help control destructive urine marking and scratching associated with fear or stressful situations. Feliway Spray is odorless, colorless and nontoxic with no effect on other animals or people. It is not a drug or a tranquilizer.