Jaeilplm Portable Projector Screen, Indoor Outdoor Compatible With Rectangle Stand For Home Theater, Gaming, Office (2 In 1)

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  • ALL NEW 2-IN-1 PROJECTOR SCREEN compatible for both indoors and outdoors. You can make 2 TYPES with 1 SCREEN. Freely TRANSFORM to fit your needs with a lot of options. (1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty & Customer Service Center in Los Angeles, CA)

  • THE STANDING TYPE presents the ultimate STABILITY with its TRIANGLE BASE made of aluminum poles. Our screen will not topple over gentle breeze and tolerable impact, unlike the existing Tripod Base.

  • THE HANGING TYPE represents SIMPLICITY. Only 1 SINGLE NAIL required for Installation. No need to make your wall messy with multiple nail holes on your wall. Our 4-HOOK-TENSION Technology provides INSTANT WRINKLE-FREE screen and keeps it flat for the best viewing quality.

  • 100 PREMIUM SCREEN - PVC Matte White material, 1.15 Gain, 160 Wide Viewing Angle, 16:9 Ratio for 4K Ultra HD. The Black coated Back of screen for crystal clear colors.

  • PORTABLE & SETUP - CARRY BAG included for family trips, camping, etc. Easily stowed away in the CAR TRUNKS, Sedan included! Setup takes LESS THAN 15 Minutes. No Expert installation! (TEAM INSTALLATION of just 2 people for Hanging Type recommended).

  • Size : 2 in 1

- 16:9 Wide Screen Ratio.
- Screen does not shake as if were mounted to the wall.
- It can accommodate in the trunk of ordinary cars.
- It does not fall down even by tolerable impact.
- It can be installed anywhere.
- If the screen is contaminated, you can simply clean it with wet cloth.
- It can be also used as a hanger on camping grounds.
- It is easy to assemble, disassemble, move and store.
- Made in Korea. Can be used semi-permanently with a manufacturer's 2 year assured warranty.

Our screen is made of high quality PVC material. The smooth matte surface exhibits a flicker-free display and naturally expands any wrinkles within minutes when hung on clips (provided). The screen exhibits excellent video display quality with high definition resolution. The poles are made of light-weight aluminum material providing convenient portability and easy set-up. The stand can be nailed to the ground as there are holes within the bottom intersections. The pyramid shape contributes to the sturdy posture of the stand so that it does not waver or fall down even in medium wind. All our products are made in South Korea and shipped to the amazon fulfillment center. We accept all returns without hassle and also offer a 2 year assured warranty for any items with defects or missing parts. The best part is that the entire setup set can be transported within a regular sized car (not only SUVs or trucks). It takes no more than 10 minutes to either fully setup the entire kit or dismantle it. We also provide a free, but high quality portable bag along with the item so that you can carry around the product without hassle. The stand can also be used as a hanger in camping grounds.