King Jim White, Tepra Lite Tape; Labeling Tape For Tepra Lite

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  • Simple White colored tape: TEPRA Lite tape LP15S WHITE

  • Great for labeling, decorations, and crafting

  • Adhesion tape for Washi tape label printer, TEPRA Lite

  • Made of thermal paper

  • Width: 15mm (approx.0.6 ) X Length: 4m (approx. 13.12')

  • Color : White

  • Size : Tape: W 0.6 X L 157.5

Usage for display purposes is possible for approximately one year in a standard indoor environment (room temperature, normal humidity, 500 lx fluorescent lighting). However, it is not suitable for use in environments where the tape will be exposed to direct sunlight or other strong light, water, or high temperatures and/or humidity. Rubbing the printing tape with hard objects or against different surfaces will cause the paper surface, printed content, etc. to fade.