Lucky Line File-A-Key Portable Zippered Binder Key Organizer - 42 Tabs, Black W/Assorted Colored Tags, (60020)

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  • ZIPPERED BINDER keeps securely closed so keys won't fall out and prevents them from getting lost or damaged

  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS with 3 base units, 42 snap-in tabs, 42 plastic key tags (#170) and full set of labels

  • STRONGER zipper and larger Dimensions; 14-1/4 inch (L) x 12 inch (W) x 2-3/16 inch (H).

  • METAL REINFORCED corners keep binder looking better longer, prevents damage and wear to binder over time

  • LEATHER-like embossed front panel looks sleek and expensive but is easy to maintain and clean like vinyl.

  • Color : Black

The Zippered File-A-Key Binder comes with 3 base units, 42 snap-in tabs, 42 plastic Key tags (#170) and a full set of labels. With 42 tabs and key tags you can label and organize your keys easily and efficiently. Colored tabs easily differentiate and categorize keys with color-coding. Large paper labels make it easy to write and label each key and pre-formatted label templates are available for printing on the Lucky Line website, The quick and easy snap-in tabs make removal and reattachment easy. This large binder is great for property managers, car rental managers, and large building owners. The File-A-Key Binder contains all your keys in one place, so you no longer have to deal with a disorganized mess of keys. The binder zips up for portability and travel. This organizer is great for tracking and monitoring keys throughout a large organization. Keys are secured but can be easily clipped on and off with the snap-in tabs. The labels are secure; they will not slip and they cannot be easily removed. The key rings can fit multiple keys and are made of high quality steel that will not warp over time. Expensive looking leather-like embossed case can be easily maintained and cleaned like vinyl. Has a very professional appearance, but also protect and contains all your keys. A variety of colored tags reduces confusion and keeps a large number of keys organized. The File-A-Key Binder is proudly made in the USA. Lucky Line Products guarantees the highest quality products that promise to deliver satisfactory results. We have been manufacturing products since 1961 and we continue to develop new products and provide exceptional service every day.