Pacon Overhead Projector Caddy, 12 X7.5 Each Side, Blue

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  • A convenient way to store pens, transparencies and all of the pieces used with the overhead projector.

  • Adjustable locking belt allows this caddy to fit all projectors, even the flat notebook type.

  • Each of the pocketed sides is 12 x 7-1/2.

  • A total of six pockets in three different sizes are made of see-through plastic, and the caddy is nylon.

  • Adjustable belt allows the size to be adjusted.

  • Color : Blue

Change to: Convenient way to store pens, transparencies and othe items used with an overhead projector. The adjustable locking belt allows it to fit all projects, even the flat ntoebook type. A total of six clear pockets in three different sizes. This caddy is made of durable nylon.