Penn-Plax Banana &Amp; Berry Cuttlebone &Amp; Mineral Block Combo For Birds,

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  • Two-In-One Unique Combination: One Cuttlebone Is Embedded In A Berry Flavored Mineral, The Other In A Banana Flavored Mineral Block For The Necessary Calcium And Minerals Your Bird Needs.

  • Bright Colors Encourage Natural Instinct: Your Bird'S Natural Pecking Instinct Will Be Encouraged By The Bright Colors, As Well, Their Beaks Will Be Trimmed And Conditioned.

  • Berry And Banana Flavored For Enjoyment: This Product Contains One Cuttlebone Embedded In A Berry Flavored Mineral Block, And One Cuttlebone Embedded In A Banana Flavored Mineral Block.

  • Shop Penn Plax For All Your Pet'S Needs: Penn Plax Is A Manufacturer And Distributer Of Top Pet Supplies, Who Specialize In Creating Excellent Pet Products For Animals Both Great And Small. At Affordable Prices, The Penn Plax Brand Is Synonymous With Innovation And Quality, Keeping Your Pet Foremost In Mind.

  • Color : Multicolor

2-in-1 Cuttlebone/Mineral Blocks are a unique and perfect combination of products which are essential to your birds health. They provide the necessary calcium and minerals to complement a balanced nutritional diet. The bright colors are designed to encourage the natural pecking instinct while trimming and conditioning the birds beak. The Cuttlebone/Mineral Blocks also provide a colorful and attractive addition to any birdcage. This product is a pack of one berry flavored mineral block surrounding a cuttlebone, and one banana flavored mineral block surrounding a cuttlebone.