Petmate Boode Scoop'N Hide Deep-Bucket Cat Litter Scoop Built-In Rake 3 Colors

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  • WORRY-FREE SPACE SAVER: Cat scoop holder provides a designated place to store the kitty litter scoop out of sight

  • EASY TO CLEAN AND SANITARY: Easy-to-clean plastic cat scooper and sanitary litter storage unit help keep areas germ-free

  • EFFICIENT DEEP-BUCKET SCOOP: Litter box scoop sifts large quantities of litter for less frequent scooping when cleaning

  • VERSATILE FOR ALL LITTER TYPES: Adaptable scoop holes and built-in litter box rake sift through litter and dig into tough spots in the box with more ease

  • SMOOTH, EASY USE: Booda litter scooper with holder provides easy, simple access to the scoop with its hinged door

  • AVAILABLE IN SLEEK COLORS: Litter storage's polished colors allow you to match the cat scoop with your dcor or litter box


  • Color : Brushed Nickel

  • Size : 14.25'' high x 6'' across

The Petmate Booda Scoop N Hide Litter Scoop provides a convenient and stylish storage unit for scoops. The Scoop N' Hide litter scoop holder provides a place to store the litter scoop after use and easily opens and closes via hinged door, allowing pet parents to grab the scoop quickly. The sleek and modern design fits well into the atmosphere of a room and scoops look clean and tidy within the sleek, patented containment unit. The design of the scoop allows for easier sifting, and the deep-bucket style collects larger amounts at a time for less scooping. The scoop also includes a built-in rake that provides a more efficient way to remove soiled litter from the box. The scoop's easy-to-clean plastic allows pet owners to spend less time cleaning and more time playing with their cats. The Petmate Booda Scoop N' Hide is available in polished colors such as Brushed Nickel, Titanium, and White. Made in the USA