Replacement Office Chair Or Stool Bell Glides - High Profile - S0007

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  • 2.5 Overall glide height when installed - similar height to most standard chair casters

  • 2 Bottom Width x 1.30 Top Width x 2 Overall glide height - similar to most chair casters

  • Uses the same mounting stem to attach to chair bases as most chair casters

  • Standard 7/16 x 7/8 (11mm x 22mm) grip ring mounting stem to attach to most standard chair or stool bases - Please measure yours before ordering

  • Black

  • Color : Black

Great for converting your rolling stool or office chair to a more stable glide style, or replacing your old, worn glides or casters. Turn a rolling chair or stool with casters into a stationary one with these glides without affecting the overall chair height much.