Royal Sovereign 1 Row Eco-Friendly Manual Hand Crank Coin Sorter (Qs-1)

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  • Eco-Friendly: No electricity or batteries required for coin sorting

  • Large Capacity: Coin sorter can hold up to 200 coins for consumer counting convenience

  • Compact & Portable: Lightweight design for easy mobility

  • Fun Coin Sorting: Manual Hand Crank is simple for any consumer to sort at their own pace. Convert your loose change into cash!

  • Effortless Wrapping: Straight to coin wrapper feature allows the consumer to insert preformed coin wrappers into the coin tubes. Simply pull out coin-filled wrappers and take straight to the bank!

  • Color : Black

  • Size : Coin Sorter

The QS-1 manual coin sorter is the perfect sorter for business or personal coin sorting. This model is unique in that it requires no electricity or batteries to operate. Simply turn the hand crank and the QS-1 sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters directly into the 1 row coin tubes below. The large coin hopper holds up to 200 coins at a time.