Safari De-Matting Comb For Dogs

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  • DOG DE-MATTING COMB: Designed to easily remove mats and tangles from a variety of coat types

  • DEMATTING TOOL FOR DOGS: Ideal for long-haired dog breeds (including Bichon Frise, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdogs and Yorkies)

  • DOG COMB: Made of stainless steel and features soft comfort grip handle for ease of use

  • SAFARI DOG DE-MATTING COMB: To use, start at the head, move toward the tail, then down the legs using long strokes that follow the direction of hair growth

  • SAFARI: The brand trusted by pet owners for pet grooming products, including dog grooming tools, dog brushes, as well as dematting tools for dogs and cats; Use SAFARI dematting combs instead of detangling shampoos like Cowboy Magic for a fast-acting dog detangling solution, no bath needed

  • Suitable for use on breeds with medium to longhaired coats

  • Especially helpful for coarse or long, matted coats

  • Blades can be reversed for right or left handed use

  • Recommended by professional groomers

  • Always comb in the direction of the hair growth

  • Color : green

  • Size : Pack of 1

The SAFARI Dog De-Matting Comb removes mats and tangles from your dog's coat. The stainless steel, serrated blades will comb out most tangles. The SAFARI Dog De-Matting Comb can be used on most medium to longhaired dogs. It is especially helpful on coarse or long, matted coats.