Sensodyne Sensitivity Toothpaste, Extra Whitening, For Sensitive Teeth, 24/7 Protection, 4 Ounce

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  • Helps relieve tooth sensitivity caused by sensitive teeth

  • Promotes 24/7 sensitive teeth protection, and protects against cavities

  • Sensitive teeth whitening fluoride toothpaste. For stain removal, brush twice a day

  • Number 1 Dentist Recommended sensitive teeth toothpaste

  • Manage daily tooth sensitivity symptoms against hot and cold drinks, while whitening teeth

Sensodyne Extra Whitening sensitivity toothpaste, with twice daily brushing, helps whiten sensitive teeth and is recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists to help manage tooth pain caused by tooth sensitivity. Sensodyne sensitivity toothpaste provides proven relief from hot, cold, and sweet food and drinks, which can cause tooth pain and discomfort for sensitive teeth. It's fluoride and potassium nitrate formula provides long-lasting tooth sensitivity protection, while helps remove stains for a whiter, healthier smile. Use Sensodyne to help manage your daily symptoms of sensitive teeth (dentin hypersensitivity), so you can enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks without discomfort. Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste reduces the pain of sensitive teeth in as little as 2 weeks.* Sensodyne sensitivity toothpaste is offered in many forms and flavors, as well as travel size. Find the right sensitive teeth toothpaste from Sensodyne to start relieving your tooth sensitivity symptoms. *With twice daily brushing