Swingline Work Essentials Jumbo Push Pins, Assorted Colors, 25 Count (S7071759)

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  • Double capacity push pins

  • Great for hanging heavier documents, memos, and attachments

  • Convenient clamshell packaging

  • Colorful assortment of push pins

  • 25 push pins per pack

  • Color : Assorted

  • Size : 25 count

Being small is a big deal! Acco's Work Essentials by Swingline has every type of product needed to get the job done right! Available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials, Acco products hold and sort your documents! The mix-and-match line consists of all basic supply items you'll need to stay organized. The Work Essentials Jumbo Push Pins are great for hanging larger documents, memos or photos on bulletin boards and walls. Manufactured in the United States, Acco Jumbo Push Pins are made with an assortment of colorful plastic caps with wide grip tops and sharp metal points to provide greater holding power. The space-saving clamshell packaging design is smaller than traditional packaging to take up less space in your desk or supply closet, and be friendlier to the environment. Acco provides the widest range of fastening devices to organize and display documents and other materials.